Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have been a terrible blogger, but I do have a fairly good excuse. We went camping about a month ago, and ever since we got back I have been terribly sick. I don't exactly know what I all have (neither do the doctors.) But I believe I am FINALLY beginning to mend. I had a week of crazy high fever. I would top out at 105, but never dive below 101 degrees Fahrenheit. I had weeks of not being able to stay awake for more than 15 minutes at a time. I would be awake a total of 1-2 hours a day. Just enough for bathroom breaks and trying to force myself to eat/drink things. I'm able to be awake much more now, but I still need a good nap during the day or I would pass out. My fever has passed. I had weeks of having extreme difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches, etc... I am still coughing, but it's bearable. We're sure I had bronchitis, but other than that no idea. It certainly kicked my butt. I am late on swaps, my children have been fending for themselves, (sort of.... there has been adult supervision and I know they are eating, but not mommy hovering like I usually do.) No one else really got sick luckily. 2 of my sons do have a bit of a summer cold, but it's just a cough and they feel fine. My other son (the chronic allergy, cold child,) is perfectly healthy, my niece has been able to avoid any of it as well. And luckily my hubby hasn't gotten anything!
I am now on the mend and really should be cleaning my house since it's quite a mess, but I really want to get these swaps sent out. I HATE being late on swaps, I know I had a good excuse, but I feel so horrible leaving someone in the lurch. So I am here, I am crafting, and I will post pics of my swaps as soon as they are finished!