Friday, September 28, 2007

Christmas ?? WIP Friday (we'll try to keep this up)

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally dislike Christmas. I know, no one can ever understand it. But for me in a divorced family with a huge extended family, I was getting pulled in so many directions at once that it wasn't enjoyable. We'd have 2-3 places to go almost every weekend in December and usually a few in January. There was no hanging out with family and friends it was simply open gifts and go. Then when we had children it was worse, because we have my family, my husband's family and us wanting to do something special with our kids on our own too.
Halloween was always our thing. No one has expectations of Halloween. It's just fun. And we get to do it ourselves, (it's also our anniversary.)
This year however, I have been hit with the Christmas bug! I want to decorate and make things and I haven't really put too much thought into Halloween. My husband thinks I have been possessed! I originally tried to ignore this need to make Christmasy things, but it wouldn't go away, so I figured I should embrace it. So I am starting by making stockings (which I've always wanted to do for the 5 of us anyway.)

I made a sketch of some ideas for stockings and a tree skirt.

I am making 2 striped ones for Tim and I and I'm making the polka dot ones for the boys. Which I started working on today.

I made a mistake of asking Tim his opinion on which skirt he likes and of course he picked the one I don't care for as much. So I am hoping to make both and the skirt reversible. Both sides may not happen this year, but one will.

I am also crocheting longie soakers for my niece that is on the way. My sister in law asked if I would so I want to get 4-5 done before Halloween (she's due about then) I have one nearly done, in natural organic wool.

Quilt Expo

My big fun grown-up trip this year was going with my Mother-in-Law to Quilt Expo. We had a wonderful time! It was so nice to not have kids hanging on me and just to enjoy all of the beautiful quilts and the gorgeous fabric porn. I was really good, and only bought a yard of fabric and a fat quarter of fabric, but I plan to order a few things after seeing some of it. Anyway, I took some pictures, but of course the pictures don't do the quilts a bit of justice. I will however post a few of them here for all to enjoy.

This is so much neater in person. All the intricate pieces.

I love the whimsical applique

Uhm... yea!

This one I couldn't believe didn't win. It's gorgeous!

All of these feathers were done individually on water soluble stabilizer with thread, then put on. It was stunning!

This was a compilation piece done by a school of children

How beautiful is this. What a wonderful piece of art.

I love the quilts on a quilt... The quilts were all free hanging from the quilt too.

From Wisconsin, in Wisconsin, Love Wisconsin. Must take a pic of the Wisconsin quilt!

One piece of fabric, but just look at that quilting!

My husband's favorite picture.

The hair was 3D with a little sparkle!
And my most favorite quilt of all

These pictures do it no justice at all. It is a time quilt. It is a calendar, the blue has time words quilted in it. Everything on this quilt has meaning. 60 seconds in an minute, 60 minutes in an hour, etc... but when he flipped it over to see the back!!

Oh, my!! There were clock works in the back, and the quilting matches up PERFECTLY! I am so inspired and in awe of this quilt!
These aren't nearly all the pictures I have, but it's a good many of them. We had a great time and are already planning another trip next year!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I feel like I have been missing from life for so long. I am feeling much much better now. I still have my ears plug now and then which is annoying (especially on the phone!) but other than that I seem to be all better.

Quick recap of my last few months whle being sick and recovering.

Soccer (Liam)

Soccer (Lore)

Apple Picking at my Dad's

Yearly trek to the Dells


More apple picking


Oh, did I mention soccer?

All of the monkeys are back to school.

We are planning out our Halloween costumes (very big deal in our house!)

I'm trying to plan for Christmas & the winter holidays since they are beyond crazy in our house.

My dad and step-mom just celebrated their 14th anniversary yesterday.

I went to Quilt Expo with my mother-in-law, and had a great time. I am hoping to post pictures soon of that.


that's about all I can think of.