Friday, September 28, 2007

Christmas ?? WIP Friday (we'll try to keep this up)

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally dislike Christmas. I know, no one can ever understand it. But for me in a divorced family with a huge extended family, I was getting pulled in so many directions at once that it wasn't enjoyable. We'd have 2-3 places to go almost every weekend in December and usually a few in January. There was no hanging out with family and friends it was simply open gifts and go. Then when we had children it was worse, because we have my family, my husband's family and us wanting to do something special with our kids on our own too.
Halloween was always our thing. No one has expectations of Halloween. It's just fun. And we get to do it ourselves, (it's also our anniversary.)
This year however, I have been hit with the Christmas bug! I want to decorate and make things and I haven't really put too much thought into Halloween. My husband thinks I have been possessed! I originally tried to ignore this need to make Christmasy things, but it wouldn't go away, so I figured I should embrace it. So I am starting by making stockings (which I've always wanted to do for the 5 of us anyway.)

I made a sketch of some ideas for stockings and a tree skirt.

I am making 2 striped ones for Tim and I and I'm making the polka dot ones for the boys. Which I started working on today.

I made a mistake of asking Tim his opinion on which skirt he likes and of course he picked the one I don't care for as much. So I am hoping to make both and the skirt reversible. Both sides may not happen this year, but one will.

I am also crocheting longie soakers for my niece that is on the way. My sister in law asked if I would so I want to get 4-5 done before Halloween (she's due about then) I have one nearly done, in natural organic wool.