Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teacher Gifts

My sons wanted to make something special for their teachers as an end of the year "thank you". So they decided on a pillow. They drew a picture of their teachers with them and embroidered over the pictures. We (mostly me because of my horrible procrastination habit,) have been making them into pillows. They wanted them scrappy and "not too straight" as Lore insisted.
They aren't the best pictures, and it's raining here, so absolutely no good light. But it gives you an idea.

For their teacher aids we are giving them each Haagen Dazs ice cream gift certificates. With a spoon that says "You're the sweetest."

I hope they are well received.

I'm hoping to finish all of these up by tomorrow night.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To Do List

I have a lot to do in the next week. Here are a few of my goals;

Purge the clutter (this is a very daunting task, I haven't had much time all school year. Our house feels like a hotel without a maid. We didn't get to spend any time here, but we just dumped our things off, slept, and went on to our next activity. This is one area that I truly wish to change.)

Spring Clean (again a neglected item)

Stock The Freezer (I am a big fan of bulk cooking. I have always made a large stock and stored them in the freezer to use later. Unfortunately this last year deeply depleted our stock and I have had zero time to replenish. I don't WANT to want to eat out.)

Compile some basic homeschooling type activities. (I feel my children have lost the fun of learning recently. We had some less than attentive teachers, we had some clashing personalities, and we had a lot of miscommunication. My goal is to have the boys very excited about learning again when they return to school next fall.)

Teach & play with Jo (My niece will only be living here through November and then she goes to live with her dad permanently. Originally I was to be her daycare next year, but I was recently informed [sort of] that she will most likely be in Headstart all day and not be here at all. So I want to enjoy the time I do have with her, as she's lived with me for nearly a year and a half of her 3 1/2 year life. After she moves in with her father I will only see her about one day twice a year.)

Finish Crafting For My Swaps & Teacher's Gifts I am currently in 2 swaps on The Owl Swap and the Favorite Children's Book Swap. The sendout for the Owl Swap is June 10th, and the sendout for the Favorite Children's Book Swap is June 26th. I am a bit of a procrastinator, so I am hoping to break myself of that bad habit too.

These are my goals. I am hoping to accomplish quite a bit of it. So that when the boys are home we don't have to worry too much about that stuff. Just maintenance which is good for them to help with anyway!


With the new season upon us I feel it is time for change. My old blog felt very down and dreary. Our house was getting a little over the edge and tempers were starting to flare. Our priorities were getting cast aside because of outside influences that we allowed to dictate. This is a new beginning for us. I have finished the preschool year. I enjoyed teaching very much. I love the teachers I was with. Unfortunately other circumstances there were not as wonderful, and as much as I will miss the children, I will not be teaching again next year. I now have just over one week to get my house together and ready. The boys' last day of school is June 5th. So I have a lot to do.