Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Chuck in your Chair Dear?


This is really only for my own amusement. We currently have a woodchuck residing in our basement. We have a dirt floor basement, and honestly never go down there unless there's a tornado warning. It serves it's purpose. Well, it seems like last fall sometime we must have had someone decide it was a pretty nice place to stay and he moved in. We have a huge mound in our basement where he must have decided to build his den.

We can not get rid of this thing. We have done tons of research, we have a trap with all of their supposed favorite foods, etc... It won't come near it. We're stumped and probably going to have to call a professional. We have a lovely place picked out for him to roam free, if he would just get his butt in the cage!

Well, he's sort of the bane of my husband's existence at the moment, he's taking this extremely too personally. So last night, I joked that the woodchuck and I just sit around laughing at him, (my husband,) all day while he's at work. I was given sort of a "very funny" glare. Well, that's when my mind was trying to figure this out. I executed it in about 5 minutes including my snapping a picture and finding one of a woodchuck. So it's mediocre at best, but I'm sure hubby will get a chuckle out of it. I know the boys will!

That is my husband's fav chair, with his fav (horrible) blanket.
The explaination on the wall is, since we moved in that wall needs to be torn down and put up drywall. I was trying to force husband's hand at getting it done and had the boys paint whatever they wanted on the wall next to Tim's chair. Well, it's been there for 2 years now, it obviously didn't work. It will be painted over later this spring or summer.