Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soccer is kicking my butt

I love that my boys love soccer, but I have to admit, it's kicking my butt! Soccer along with Church (we're rewriting our Confirmation program,) making Halloween costumes, redoing a few things in our house, I don't seem to have a moment's time. The soccer will end Saturday. I know this, it's tournaments. I'm counting down the days.

Probably the thing in our house that is taking the hit harder than anything is supper time. The boys get home from school at 3:45. Many times they are supposed to be at soccer (a town over,) by 4. It takes us 10-15 minutes to drive that. Then we have games until at least 6:30. Many of those nights we also have had church meetings at 6:30 (2-4 times/week.) So I've been trying to figure out ways to feed my growing teen/preteens and hubby while gone. I'd love it if someone has some ideas they can share with me. Cold sandwiches 3-4 times a week isn't fun (especially in Wisconsin in October!)

The winners so far have been skewered teriyaki chicken and beef/bean burritos.** Throw in some carrots, cucumbers, bell pepper strips, grapes, apple slices, etc.. and they've worked well.

I'd love to hear your ideas for eating on-the-go.

*We are not one of those families who terribly over schedule. We really only let our kids be in one activity per season. It's just that soccer is 2 times per week per child. It adds up quickly.

**The teriyaki chicken skewers; I simply marinated the sliced chicken breasts in a natural teriyaki sauce for 30-40 minutes. I wove them onto the soaked bamboo skewers. Then baked them at 400 F for 30 minutes. Wrapped them in tinfoil and put them in a "cooler" to keep them warm.
The burritos I mixed black beans (sometimes refried beans,) with taco seasoned ground beef, a sprinkle of cheese and a bit of rice. Wrap in a tortilla then "flash freeze" until stiff. Throw them in a container and keep frozen until I need them. Then I bake/microwave them and again put in foil and bring to the games.

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