Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Camping Trip

We love to go camping every summer, some years we get to go frequently, but lately we have only gotten to go for one long week, then a weekend. Our week we just got done with.
Here are my boys at the beach

Here they are looking at the baby bullheads

Here's Lore with his new obsession, he's now taken to fishing at every available moment

After going camping, we hit the batting cages. Tim (who never played baseball,) took a turn in the cage. We broke the aluminum bat. We couldn't stop laughing!!

So that was our big vacation week for the summer. I'll have to post soon on my camping philosophy and food.


Lilred said...

Sorry, this is completely off topic but I am not a blogger and I didn't know how to contact you directly.

On another website,
You posted a picture of a granny square that I just loved. (it was orange, white, and blue) I am making a blanket for my daughter that is comprised in part by friendship squares, however they are not nearly as intricate as your pattern. I would like to feature your square in each of the four corners but I cant figure out how you created the orange row that encompasses the friendship knot. (a little help with the remainder of the pattern would be appreciated as well) I would be happy to purchase it on and I don't need it to be a stitch perfect pattern, I just want to know the basics of how many stitches between the loops of the knot, where double and single stitches were used, etc. and how you were able to get them to curve so nicely.

Thank you so much

Tab said...

I wish you had left me an email address. I made this in 2006, so I am quite fuzzy on the actual details. Looking back at the pictures I can make some guesses. It looks as though I had
4sc on the grey 7ch 2sc onto the blue 4ch skipping 2 dc 2sc into next 2 dc then 7ch to the next grey and repeat around. The next round is either sc or hdc around.

I hope that helps a bit. If you have other questions feel free to ask, and I'll do my best. Email me at faerydaydreams @ gmail . com