Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Lore! K-9 and Dalek Cakes

Well, my baby Lore turned 7 yesterday. It's seems such a short time ago I was in the hospital, in excruciating pain...... ok, enough of that. Look at his cute little face, it's totally worth it!!!

He had chosen a Dalek cake, but then yesterday morning decided he wanted a K9 cake. So I started over, and threw together a K9 cake.
K9 was made in a loaf pan and strategically cut. The head is held on by a skewer and toothpicks. Frosted a lovely shade of grey. His eye shield part is fruit by the foot. With a lifesaver and a gusher for the center part. The nose is a gusher, as is the tail and the Dalek suction cup thingy.
Tinfoil and toothpick ears for K9. Everything else is frosting and starbursts. The black is gel frosting. The "plaid" collar is starbursts, rolled. The dots on the Daleks are starbursts.
Overall, Lore was really happy with it. He wanted to save it to show family, but I don't think it would last a few days and a long car ride, so we ate him. It was just the 5 of us, so it isn't a very big cake. I really like the way K9's head is slightly cocked.