Monday, November 26, 2007

Last embroidered patch

I had quite a time with this final patch. I was out of a certain floss, that was needed to finish. WalMart no longer sells embroidery floss (GRRRR, boy are they gonna lose business, one of the only reasons I go there is because I don't have much craft options where I live, well, without embroidery floss, I have little to no use for them!) I luckily saw my 7 year old walking around with his embroidery bin and I glanced a little red in it. I nearly ripped it from his hands (he knows why and thinks it's funny, he's not scarred for life or anything!) And found the thread I needed!!!

So here is what I finished today, and I'm sending it out today!

I hope, hope, hope she loves it! There are a few places I had major color dilemmas but I'm quite happy with it over all.


Early Bird Special said...

Oh my goodness! This is wonderful!

mariss said...

Wow! That is awesome. I saw it on the flickr embroidery pool.

Tab said...

Thank you so much! Lots more stitching than I normally do. But I do love it. I think I will make one for myself after the holidays.

*BB* said...

It's amazing! Your embroidery is excellent and I love the topic of the patch, so different. Where did you get the design from?

Tab said...

Thanks *bb* I did some research and found a ton of different sideshow style posters, but none that worked. I combined about 4-5 different designs and added some freehanding to it too. Hope that helps

floresita said...

This is so awesome!!!

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