Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

I know I have been a little missing lately. Don't worry, don't panic! It happens every year about this time. I have crazy Destination Imagination prep to do. It takes up a crazy amount of my time, but it is worth it when the kids do their best and are so proud of all of their accomplishments. I'm a little nervous, I have one kid out with the contagious pneumonia, and 3 other kids in that same class also have it. Most of my team is from that class (including my son) I'm really hoping I don't have a team full of pneumonia (or a houseful to be honest,) during competition. Send healthy vibes our way please.
So I will be sporadic, but here I promise!

Hey, it's spring! Does it look like spring at your house? Mine doesn't really. The only thing I know is I have literally 32+ squirrels in my backyard picking up my walnuts that we didn't get picked up before winter. They are chasing each other and eating and having a great time. I tried to catch it on video, but it was so dark and dull outside you couldn't pick out much of the squirrels.

I thought since there hasn't been much content to this blog lately, I'd re mention a website I go to frequently to find out about the child appropriateness of different movies, games, books, TV, music, etc... Many of you probably know about it, but I have found it invaluable. I can't read every book my kids want to read to see if they are appropriate. I wish I could. Also, my oldest was reading at an 8th grade level in 2nd grade, so I needed to see which books would engage him, but weren't wrong for him. So anyway, I love Common Sense Media, you get kids ratings, adult ratings, and the actual web site's ratings. You can read comments on the language, sex, violence, product placement, drinking/drugs/smoking, and the moral/message. It's great. Check it out, bookmark it. I go back to it a lot. I even have convinced my kids they won't like certain movies/books by the ratings, so we didn't have to go see a stinker movie at movie theater prices.

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