Thursday, January 7, 2010

George Washington- 1st US President

A little back story first. My children, husband and I were watching Jeopardy a few weeks back. There was a fairly easy category on the Presidents of the US. My children didn't really know any of the answers. I was shocked. My husband was shocked. We decided that the boys need to know more about the presidents, and in all honesty, so should we. So we decided to dedicate 2010 as the year of the presidents. Each week we will be talking about a different president and hope the boys gather and retain some information on people who have formed our lives. Now anyone who knows me knows I always have great intentions, but my follow through isn't always the greatest. I am hoping with 52 weeks in a year and 44 presidents that will give me some room for error.

George Washington is our first week pres. We are planning on doing them in order. The White House website has a nice compilation on the presidents, so I'm sure we'll be referring to that weekly. If I find anymore sites or references I will be sure to share them.

Do any of you plan things like this?

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