Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Crazies or (early) To-Do Tuesday.

I am unable to focus on getting what needs to be done first! That has always been one of my biggest problems. I want to do what I'm in the mood for, regardless of timeline. Well, I'm going to start posting my Christmas Holiday to do list here. I'm hoping at least every Tuesday or earlier if I get more things done. I know none of my family read this, so I'm not terribly worried, and if you are in my family and you do read this.... stop! (at least until after Christmas.)

So here's my list set to timeline to hopefully get me working on what I need to first.

9th- Grandma's 70th Birthday Party
  • Make Hummus
  • Make Spinach Dip
  • Make Dill Dip
  • Bring Carrots & Broccoli tray
  • Embroidered towel gift w/matching potholder

15th- Step-mom's side of family get together

  • Towel, potholder, dishcloth for Grandma
  • Make Cookies

16th- Swim Party

  • Make a dish to pass
  • Make cookies

21st- Last day of School for year

  • Crossing guard- Crocheted Soccer Hat that she wanted
  • Lore's teacher (woman)- Clorax/Handi wipes, journal cover, ?
  • Liam's teacher (man)- journal cover?, stationary
  • Levi's teacher (woman)- journal cover?,

22nd- Our Solstice Celebration

  • Make the meal
  • Levi- Stocking, thermos cover, bible cover, wallet, recorder case?
  • Liam- stocking thermos cover, wallet, ?
  • Lore- stocking, thermos cover, ?, ?
  • Tim- stocking, underwear, ?

23rd- Tim's Dad's Side Christmas

  • Evan's quilt
  • Lydia's quilt
  • Make a dish to pass

24th- Dad's Christmas

  • Clover's quilt, longies
  • Ambrosia- apron, felt food, wallet?
  • Jorden- apron, felt food, coloring book
  • Alyssa- hooded scarf/scarf, wallet
  • Alia- hooded scarf/scarf, bible cover
  • K- Heifer International donation, bible cover, soup of the month club coupon
  • C- ", embroidered towel and potholder, crocheted dishcloth
  • Grandparents- Embroidered towel, potholder, & dishcloth
  • Step Grandparents- Embroidered towel, potholder & dishcloth
  • Make a dish to pass

25th- Mom's Christmas

  • Mom- Embroidered towel, potholder & dishcloth OR Hooded Scarf
  • Make Cookies

29th- GE's Christmas

  • Gail- Starbucks gift card?
  • Someone I can't remember who's name I drew, I'll have to look at the sheet again

30th- Work Party

  • The boss's gift

31st- Tim's mom's Christmas

  • Mom- Purse with the boys' pictures on it, placemats?
  • Laura- ?
  • Brian-?

I think I had better get moving my butt! I hope this will help keep me on track.


Rebekah said...

Man your Christmas sounds as crazy as mine and I have not started either. I might need to post things to my blog to keep myself on track too.

Trifarina said...

Good lord woman! I suggest scheduling in a nap one of those days!

Tab said...

Lol, I know it is a bit crazy, but it always is this time of year. Luckily, I'm not working much, so I have a bit more time, where I have a chance of finishing some of it.
rebekah, posting it I really think is making me work harder and sticking to a schedule more.

trifarina, I can nap in January right? =)

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