Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To-Do Tuesday

I finished all of the things I had to for last weekend, just in the nick of time! I have revised my list a bit, to hopefully save myself a bit of time. New/Changed items are in green. Done items are in Red.

15th- Step-mom's side of family get together
Towel, potholder, dishcloth for Grandma DONE!
Make Cookies I made a delicious Gingerbread Biscotti!

16th- Swim Party
Make a dish to pass
Make cookies Banana Chocolate Chip Biscotti

21st- Last day of School for year
Crossing guard- Crocheted Soccer Hat that she wanted
Lore's teacher (woman)- Clorax/Handi wipes, journal cover
Liam's teacher (man)- journal cover
Levi's teacher (woman)- journal cover

22nd- Our Solstice Celebration
Make the meal
Levi- Stocking- 1/4 done,wallet
Liam- stocking-1/4 done, wallet
Lore- stocking 1/4 done, ?
Tim- stocking, underwear, checkbook cover

23rd- Tim's Dad's Side Christmas
Evan's quilt- 1/4 done
Lydia's quilt - 1/4 done
Make a dish to pass

24th- Dad's Christmas
Clover's quilt- 1/4 done, longies
Ambrosia- apron, felt food,
Jorden- apron, felt food, coloring book
Alyssa- Travel embroidery kit, wallet
Alia- Stationary, pens, cards, etc... bible cover
K- Heifer International donation, soup of the month club coupon
C- ", embroidered towel and potholder, crocheted dishcloth
Grandparents- Embroidered towel, potholder, & dishcloth
Step Grandparents- Embroidered towel, potholder & dishcloth
Make a dish to pass

25th- Mom's Christmas
Mom- Embroidered towel, potholder & dishcloth OR Hooded Scarf
Make Cookies
Dish to Pass

29th- GE's Christmas
Gail- Starbucks gift card?
Ben- ?

30th- Work Party
The boss's gift

31st- Tim's mom's Christmas
Mom- Purse with the boys' pictures on it OR placemats?
Laura- ?

Luckily, I have nothing (that I know of tomorrow, so I can hopefully get quite a bit done. I may have to turn off the phone though, it was crazy today, I got absolutely nothing done!