Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you give something up for Lent?

My family is not the typical family that you would expect gives something up for Lent. We're not Catholic. Not all of us are all that religious in general (though some are.) However, we always give something up for Lent. We have for as long as I can remember.

So why give something up at all if it's not because you "HAVE" to? Well, it's nice once a year to re-examine your life and see where your vices, addictions, or distractions lie. Then see if you can live with out them, even if for a short time. It opens you up to new experiences and opens your heart/life up to let other items in. Be it God, spirituality, family, exercise, healthy habits, meditation, whatever. Though many people go by the honor system and be their own personal Lent police, we choose a charity as a family and any slips we have to put a quarter in the jar. Then at the end of Lent we give the money to that charity. (We have another jar where throughout Lent any money we find gets put into this and donated to our charity also.)

We'll be having our family meeting tonight to declare what we are giving up for Lent. I personally haven't decided yet. Last year I gave up soda. Now I only drink about 1/2 of a soda a month. I'm considering giving up;
  • Facebook games. I do catch myself playing those a bit too much.
  • Multi-tasking. This one would be really hard, but good to fully pay attention to each item of my life. No talking on the phone- making dinner- checking homework- signing permission slips all at the same time.
  • Pinterest- enough said for those who enjoy it
  • Sitting on the sofa- I know this one sounds weird, but my husband and I have "our spots" at night and both are on the sofa. I think getting off the sofa and changing things up would be interesting.

So are you giving something up? What?

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