Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 2/27

Well, some hits and some misses last week. The squash lasagna, which I thought was amazing, my kids didn't like at all. I wrote the recipe down, but I'm looking for someone else to try it before I post it, cuz who wants to post a cruddy recipe?!? My hubby will be home for a day this week, so I'll try to get him to taste it.
Cottage pie is always a hit with my family. Meat with gravy and veg smothered in potatoes. Yep, it's what my family would always eat if they had the choice.

Here's this week's menu;
Monday- Orange Chicken with quinoa and a steamed stir fry vegetables
Tuesday- Scrambled Eggs W/French toast made out of English Muffin Bread
Wednesday- I'm bringing a huge batch of Sausage, Kale & Bean Soup to church for our Lenten Soup Supper.
Thursday- Turkey Burgers or Bean Burgers w/potato salad
Friday- Beef Stroganoff

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