Monday, February 6, 2012

Time, Money, & Need

Laundry Sorting
(This is real laundry, no "staging" was done on these pictures)

I like many others see these amazing blog pictures with gorgeous projects, lovely dream homes. I dream of implementing many of these ideas and having these picture perfect homes too.

I have been really wanting a lovely laundry room and have been wanting for about a year to make this:

but I just haven't had the time or money or ambition.

Then I was walking through Target with my husband and we saw these shelves on sale. I ran over to the laundry basket section grabbed 6 and went to see if they fit. They did and I had 2 shelves to spare. Now I know that this isn't "picture perfect" but it works way better than my system did before, and it didn't cost me as much money as the lovely dressers. I got the shelves for $35 and 6 baskets for $3.50 each. Total cost $56 and I have room for our paint, vinegar (cleaner), caulk, etc. on the bottom shelf and detergent, bleach, dryer sheets & balls on another shelf. Yes, I hope to make it a little nicer looking, but guess what it works and I love it!

Do you ever have these unattainable dreams from looking at different blogs? Do you find yourself putting things off so until you can make it "perfect?"

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