Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Granny Scooter Action!

Well, it's been quite busy here. And unfortunately the blog suffers. So here is a bit of catch up.

The weekend of the 9th we had my sister's memorial. Her ashes were buried in the cemetery of the cutest little church near my father's house. It was a lovely morning ceremony. After the ceremony we went back to my dad's house to celebrate an early Father's Day. We brought our tents along. We had my sister's daughters all there. My brother, his wife and their daughter camped too. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend!

My brother, his wife (she's preggers, how freakn' cute is she!) and their daughter

The kids all climbed the apple trees.

Alyssa upside down in the tree

Levi in the tree

We found a turtle cruising through the yard behind our tent!

A friend of ours brought over their puppies. (Planning a birthday party, forget a clown or magician or any other entertainment, rent puppies!!) They went crazy! It was certainly puppy love!

Sleepy Puppies

Group Shot

Lore with a puppy (Liam in the background)

And lots of fun just hanging out, playing bocce, on the swings, and playing on the wagon.

Ambrosia doing Yoga

Liam with the telescope

Alia pushing Lore in the wagon

Ambrosia on the swing

And last, but not least, hot granny scooter action!