Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer School Has Begun!

My boys and I decided to have a bit of "Summer School" this year. To keep our brains active, to learn a few new things, and to just have fun. Well our first "chapter" is Super Heroes! We began it today.
We are in the brainstorming phase right now. Our plans are;
  • Create an original superhero - including Secret Identity, SuperPowers, Vulnerability, Fighting For, Catch Phrases, Colors/Uniform, Reason For Angst, Insignia, How powers were acquired, Nemesis/Enemy, Sidekick/Helper
  • Create a story
  • Draw/Create a Comic book and have that published
  • Translate that to a movie script
  • Make it a movie
  • Merchandising (make stuffies and t-shirts and such)

This may very well take up the whole summer. The boys are SOOOO excited. I'm not quite sure how to fit history, math, science, geography into it as much as I would have hoped, but I'm really glad to see them get as excited about this as they are. Maybe a little more "research" than they'd like to find out where our heroes live. Any ideas are certainly welcomed.

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