Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're Back!

Primarily we had a wonderful time. We hit a bit of a problem at the end, but we're all well, and we were only set back a bit, so I want to keep it on the positive note.

This was our first time taking all 3 kids on a long car ride, and I was a bit nervous, but they did wonderfully! There was very little bickering and they were all playing and being helpful to each other!! We re-listened to Harry Potter 6 (in anticipation of the new book coming soon.) They worked on their superhero projects, they played a few travel games (boggle, ziggity, chess, and uno are the current favorites.) We also made an I Spy Bottle, which they really spent a lot of time with. It was a little over 10 hours there (plus stops.)
We went to a park a little over half way which the kids loved.
you can't tell, but they are standing on a tiny little podium like the ones behind them.
Lore was deeply thinking about how to catch the ducks that kept illuding him.
We checked into our hotel and the kids all headed for the pool.

The second day (Friday) we checked out some local areas. And then enjoyed the Meet & Greet at the fairgrounds for Ironstock.

Saturday was the first official day of Ironstock. The boys found the children's area quite entertaining. They found oodles of things they wanted in the Vendor's Ally. They met some new friends, and even enjoyed some of the Demos, creating new wishlists of things they wanted to make for the upcoming haunt season.
We watched the coffin races and the boys all gave it there best during the tshirt toss.
We were all pretty hot and pooped and the boys really wanted to go swimming so we opted out of the Weasel Ball for family time. I guess our costumes will wait until next year!

Sunday the weather was much more mild. It was cloudy and we got a bit of rain. I didn't affect the amazing demos though. We learned so much. Liam purchased a dragon adorned box. Lore purchased a neat resin skull and a resin skull keychain, Levi purchased a skeleton figurine. Levi and Lore also purchased marshmallow guns. We had planned on these being a project this summer, but they HAD to have them. So I guess we'll do it with Liam.
We made a mini coffin racer (which is like a barbie sized soapbox race with a coffin theme.)
Ours did really well, but we bounced a bit on the last 2 runs, and popped over the partition. I don't know exactly what place we took, but we had lots of fun anyway!

More swimming Sunday after the rain passed. We packed the van and were ready to get under way in the morning.

Overall a great weekend! We weren't planning on going next year, as I think we need to see more parts of the country and if we only get one vacation.... but after being there it is really hard to not go back. We'll have to wait and see.

I will have more pictures and such uploaded later. I'm still settling in.