Monday, October 8, 2007

Dishclothes for Christmas Gifts

I am working hard, and find these dishclothes to be super ego boosters. I am hoping to crochet one for each woman in my immediate family. I plan to give these along with a quilted pot holder, and an embroidered towel.

The blue one is my favorite. I got the pattern from Cocoa Cream's Closet

The red one is ok, I changed it a bit because it was boring for me. I got it at Lion Brand's Website (which means you have to sign up to get it, it is free though.) It's called Vanilla Grit.


Cocoa Cream said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my pattern! Your dishcloth looks great...that color does look awfully familiar! ;) Sounds like you have some fun Christmas crafting planned! :o)

Tab said...

I absolutely love your dishcloth pattern! I do have a lot of Christmas crafting to do, but I know that many will be receiving your lovely dishcloths mainly because the pattern doesn't bore me, and the results are stunning!