Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soccer Tournaments can be COLD!

Ok, in all honesty this one wasn't too bad, in fact by afternoon it was pleasant. But it was still 45 degrees F when we got to the field at 8:30am!

There is absolutely no way I could sit through another soccer game for quite some time. Let me give you the quick version of what my day was like.

-8am leave house to get Jorden

-8-9:15am Austin's (nieces' step brother so considered a nephew) first soccer game (Lost 4th so they took 4th place he played really well though!)

-8:30am get to field for Lore's warm ups

-9-10am Lore's first game (Wins Lore was awesome, stopping goals and kicking like crazy!!)

During the game we were eating bagels, dried fruit, almonds and having hot chocolate.

-10:30am Liam starts warm ups

Ate a hot pretzel with cheese (oh so good)

-11:00am- 12:15pm Liam's 1st game (Wins did AMAZING!)

-11am-12:15pm Alia & Cassy (Alia's step-sister, so considered a niece.) played their first game (Won, I didn't see much, but the fields were next to each other so I watched a bit)

-12-1pm Lore's second game (Lost he did really well though, took 4th place for tournaments and division)

-12-1pm (running late) Alyssa's first game (won, didn't see much, but was brilliant of what I saw of her.)

Quick ate a burger some noodle and vegetable salad that I brought and YUMMY ginger cookies I will try to post the recipe later!

-2-3:15pm Liam's second game (The team did amazingly well, besides for the fact that our fill-in coach wouldn't let the defense be on the defensive side of the field.... so the goalie was the only one protecting the goal, her reason was that she wanted to get the other team in off-sides so they couldn't score, plus only played Liam one out of 4 quarters!!!.... I'm not caring for her much. They lost. They took 1st in division and second in tournaments.) [I'm not bitter about the lose, I'm biter that once you see we're losing and your plan isn't working, wouldn't you tell them to just go have fun!]

-2-3:15pm Alia & Cassy's second game (they won, did wonderfully I hear. They took 1st for tournaments, and second for division.)

-4:30pm Alyssa's last game (she won, she did wonderfully! Took first for tournaments and division)

-Went out for pizza at a local pizza place.

So as you can see I am totally soccer-ed out! I kept warm by drinking hot chocolate and tea. And by wearing my hooded scarf.

I had one of these when I was a kid, but this one is so much cuter! It has little pockets at the bottom too. It was wonderful at keeping the wind off of the back of my head.