Friday, October 5, 2007

Soccer Hats

It is getting cooler here (well, not today, it's supposed to be 85!!) And we've had to start bundling up for the soccer games. My boys wanted to have something on their heads for the soccer games, so we made new soccer hats. We don't have soccer offered in our little village, so we drive to the nearest town for soccer. The shirts are all of the other town's colors, (black & gold). The boys wanted to show a little pride for their own school colors, so we made the hats in our colors (green and gold). They are wearing them today for the local homecoming parade (in the 85 degree F weather!) The boys are pretty happy with them. I personally like the one on the left better, but Lore really wanted the green and gold stripes down the side, so I can't complain, he's quite happy about it.

I winged this pattern. It's all half double crochets. Quite easy really. I'm working on writing the actual pattern up. I copied this one after one I did last year. I got the inspiration for that one from a crocheted patch on a sweater I had seen.