Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oh Ravelry.... I do adore you!

I signed up for the Beta version of Ravelry WAY back when I first heard of it. It sounded very nice. I was invited to join I believe in June/July. I was quite sick and didn't really try it out then. Well I know so many people that are just waiting with bated breath to be invited, I thought it was terrible of me to not be taking advantage of my good fortune.

I posted a few of my projects. And then more and more. I am keeping track of them better than ever before. I know what hook size I used (I tend to start something, get sidetracked, then forget what hook size I was using. This is a very common way for my favorite projects to get frogged or forgotten about)

Right now I am working on some wool longies for my sister-in-law and the baby that's going to be here any minute!!!! I am also working on some dishclothes for Christmas gifts. This is motivating me so much and helping me to stay organized. There are still some bugs, and a few things I hope get easier to navigate (the forums) But so far I like it very much!

In case you are one of us lucky ones that already is on Ravelry my name is Ezri, feel free to friend me!