Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthdays & Bonding

We had a fun weekend. This was our weekend to have my niece Jorden. The kids aren't the same since she had to live with her dad again. Breaks my heart really when she fights us to go back or when she yells at somebody who says she's "going home" and explains that my house is her home. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do, so we try to enjoy the moments we do get her.

On Saturday Lore had a birthday party, (it was a family birthday party, but they wanted the boy to have one friend there, ) to go to. The mom insisted that he bring no presents. Lore disagreed! He came home from school Wednesday saying that the boy told him they bought him a Transformer toy as a favor, and that it wasn't fair that he gets something, but isn't allowed to give his friend a gift on his birthday. (Can't really disagree with his reasoning.) So we set out to make a present. We had been wanting to make something we saw on Creative Kismet's blog for a long time, and thought this might be the perfect time to try it out. Lore's friend LOVES Superman, so that's the way we went. He drew the picture, I did a bit of photoshop and printed it out onto photofabric. Pressed, rinsed, pressed, then Lore found a backing fabric, cut them out and he sewed it, turned it, stuffed it. And I finished off the last bit of hand stitches. His friend loved it! And Lore was so proud. He was singing and dancing after he made it, so I wasn't able to get a great picture, but I did get a goofy one.

On Sunday we went to the Science Expo in Green Bay. It was quite nice. The boys and Jo learned alot. They learned about electricity and safety when there is a fallen power line. They learned about Bernoulli's principle from Professor Gizmo (we've seen him quite a few times, he's quite entertaining! They extracted DNA from wheat germ. They got to meet some of their favorite weather personalities from FOX11. But their favorite by far was making and launching their rockets.
Here they are outside holding up their rockets. (Yes that is Lambeau Field in the background.)