Friday, January 4, 2008

My son must be psychic

Ok, now this is a weird post for me, and I almost don't feel right about posting it. But this is something terribly funny at least to my husband and myself.

Now a little background on politics in my house. My husband and I have our views but don't really share them with our children. We always vote but rarely even tell each other who we voted for. We differ on many points. So when it comes to our children we try to help them understand the "issues" and try to explain as non-biasedly as possible who stands for what, so our children can learn to make their own choices. Neither my husband nor I have an allegiance to any one party either.

Well, after the last US presidential election in 2004, my son Lore (3 at the time,) was deeply upset by George Bush's win. He was devastated! He started crying, then all of a sudden stopped. He said, and I quote, "He's gonna make a mess of things." My husband and I laughed and we asked him who he thought would make a good president. We were expecting to hear him say himself, daddy, Bob the Builder or something like that. He stated flat out that Barack Obama was going to be the next president. We laughed (I have to admit, as much as we do try to pay attention to politics it bores the heck out of us. And if it isn't local, state or presidential, we know NOTHING) we thought he had made up a name. (Mr. Obama I do apologize, but he was 3 and it sounded a bit made up!)

He was insistent on this for weeks. Finally we were talking to a family friend about this, and he said "you mean the senator from Illinois?" Can you imagine the look on our faces? Think white with jaw hitting the table. Our 3 year old named someone to be the next president who my husband and I had never even heard of.

That's why Mr. Obama's victory last night was awfully sweet for my son. He is his supporter from WAY back! Lore is now 7. And he is still a supporter of Barack's in the hugest way. I think we may have a future politician on our hands!

So this is for Lore;


Now back to normal posting, I promise!