Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We are definitely keeping busy. We are deep in crunch time with our Destination Imagination teams. 3 practices/meetings a week now, but March 1st will come quite quickly! We decided to take our last weekend (before having a practice every Saturday,) to go to a waterpark. We had lots of fun.

You'll notice that Levi isn't there. Well, that's a very long story. He had gotten into quite a bit of trouble at school this week. To make the long story short, he is an evil genius and was able to remove all filters from the computers at school. Cracking passwords, and causing havoc. When asked why, he simply stated he "wanted to see if he could." So as much as we were a little proud that he was capable of doing this, it needed to definitely be punished, so he stayed with my dad while we went swimming. Here's a picture of him during his punishment, making a snowman in the driveway.

Oh, he is also banned from the computer for quite awhile at home, and at school he lost internet access for the remainder of the year, with only minimum computer usage. Also had some respect and boundary type assignments.
On a really wonderful note, I received 2 amazing birthday presents! On a craftster birthday swap I received these AMAZING place mats. (6 to be exact) with beautiful wrapping and an adorable gnome card!
My other gift was from Tim. I have been wanting these enamel dishes for SO long, and now I got them! I just love them to bits!