Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deepest Appologies

If you remember a month or so back I made a carved stamp for my niece's birthday. I never claimed the image was mine, I actually found the image on another blog. On that blog they were offering the image up for free use. I thought it was cute, simple and looked very much like my niece. I have since found out that whomever had that blog (which I have been unable to relocate,) had taken the image from Magda at Craft Pudding. She very politely informed me that it was against her copyright to take and post her image. I informed her of how I obtained the image and apologized. I wanted to add the apology to my blog so others knew of what happened. When I see things up for free use, I usually have no problems using them, but now I will think twice, and maybe do a bit more searching before I use these images. I also wanted to thank Magda on her very polite and wonderful way that she informed me of my error. If it had been my images being used I could see me getting very upset and publicly (possibly) calling that person out, in the heat of anger. She didn't do that. She sent me a private message informing me and politely asking me to take down my images, which I have done. I never felt demeaned or embarrassed. This is the sign of a wonderful person in my book, who took the time to think of me and my feelings before acting. I would urge you to all go to Craft Pudding's Etsy shop and if you find something you like there (very cute stamps) know that you are getting something from a very professional person. And I even found she's from my state too!

Thank you Magda and again I'm sorry.