Wednesday, March 5, 2008

DI Weekend

Well, I've been a little MIA since we had our DI regionals this weekend. We had practice everyday last week, and I got a touch overwhelmed. Absolutely no crafting on my part really, only supervising.

When it was all said and done, Liam's team had some major issues, however still ended up taking 1st! We didn't think they had a shot after all of the problems they encountered, but it was a really hard challenge, so not many teams signed up, and the ones that did all had difficulties. Also they kicked some butt (as I've been told) on their Instant Challenge. So they are going to State in April. I will now be co-managing their team to help out their main coach.

Here's half of Liam's team with their trophy. I am so proud of them, mine is the second from the left.

Lore's team did amazing. (I coach this one) It was their first year for all of them. They kicked butt as far as acting is concerned. No one knew that they missed a very large portion of their skit. The covered so well. Their costumes and etc... was all quite amazing too. The 2 biggest problems that they had were that part that they skipped was REALLY important. Like, all of their points were pretty much in that area. And they didn't understand the Instant Challenge at all. It wasn't explained very well, and the person doing the explaining had a TERRIBLE cold and was near impossible to understand. Also they couldn't retell the kids the challenge, but they left them the paper, which is fine for the 5th graders they are against, but doesn't help the 1st graders who really can't read that well that were on my team. Oh well, it was great experience and they learned a lot to take with them next year. They ended up taking 6th out of 6. But they were the only first year team, and they were really against mainly 5th graders who have been in it for years. I'm super proud, and I need to get a party planned for them soon!

Here's a (bad) picture of Lore in the Jester costume he made. He recycled tshirts to make it. He designed and cut and sewed the hat, collar, waist thing. And he made the sceptre which is a doll head (he cut off of an old doll) glued onto a bamboo stick. Made a hat and collar for. He's in 1st grade did I mention. I'm so proud of him!

Then we had my niece's Dedication at church the next morning, so it's been very busy. Hopefully we'll get back to a routine soon.