Monday, March 24, 2008


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and those who celebrate had a wonderful Easter. My boys were absolutely spoiled. We had 4 Easter celebrations to go to which unfortunately means that my family's really misses out. We had a little bunny search at 6 in the morning on Easter Sunday. I make my husband and children hop around the house looking for their things. It's quite entertaining, and they don't bug me while I finish getting ready for church.

I teased this in the last post, I made my nieces "Snuggle bunnies" for easter. I then also gave them 2 Smencils each. The boys are selling them for a fundraiser at school, and I thought they'd be fun. I gave Clover a hat instead of the Smencils as she's a bit young for writting. The girls all loved the bunnies and the Smencils. Clover especially loved the bunny, she definitely got the point of them being called "Snuggle bunnies". I wish I would have had my camera that day. She was just loving it up! Here they are all finished.

And because my niece Jo insists on getting her picture taken, and posing in this exact pose. I figured I'd induldge. So here's Jo after she suckered Grandpa into buying her every Easter accessory possible.