Monday, March 17, 2008

Liam is 9!!

Ok, this is a bit late, his birthday was on Saturday, but we've been busy! So this is his birthday post!


28 hours of induced labor......... absolutely worth it!

Liam is the funniest, most creative, "expert at every-nothing"! He is a story teller. Thoughtful, sensitive, shy at times, bold at others, he is my "Lemur".

I think Liam has had more nicknames than anyone else I know.

When he was born he was far more portly than Levi had been, (which in all honesty isn't portly at all.) So we called him Bubba, boy if there was ever a name that didn't fit a child!

(Ok, maybe in this picture it does.)

He tells people that he's named after the Lemurs (kinda monkey-like creatures, total bull by the way!)

If you need to feel happy, here's the kid to talk to. He can make you smile with nothing but a look.

This man loves origami, yet doesn't care to follow the directions (no idea where he gets that from,) so my house is filled with random papers that are folded and "look" like stuff.

He certainly keeps us going!

Can't wait to see what the next year brings! Love you Liam!