Friday, February 22, 2008

So Much Snow!

You know back in my day we had snowdrifts as high...... ok, I know that makes me sound old, but really we always had snow in the winter. It's Wisconsin for crying out loud we're supposed to. But honestly in the last 10+ years the snow has been minimal. It didn't pay to own a snowmobile unless you went much further up north. This year is more like what I remember from being a kid. Snow drifts as high as the house.

Ok, I lived in the country, so they really would get that high, and my dad had a plow on the truck, and he would plow it all into one area so we'd have the best snow hill ever!

My kids are city kids (ok, it's a tiny village of less than 900 people, but there's sidewalks and neighbors). So we don't get huge drifts and Tim doesn't plow and if he did we don't have anywhere to put the snow. But our area in the front of the house is at my eye level if I'm standing on the cleared sidewalk.
I tried to get a picture of this, but I think the vastness of it was lost. This is at my eye level. I'm standing on the sidewalk. Liam and Lore are on top of the hill in our tiny front yard. I'm 5'2".
And here's a picture of Levi admiring the icicles on the roof. He always says I don't put any pictures of him up, but anytime I have the camera out he makes ridiculous faces. So here's one of him less than goofy.